Small scale, high yield, sustainable development projects, that improve quality of life.
About us

Our Mission:

While problems found in the developing world such as hunger, inadequate healthcare, lack of clean water, and poor education are common, communities are by definition unique and vary greatly from location to location. As a result, common problems often require unique solutions if they are to adequately address people’s needs and become sustainable.

Founded in 2013, the Micro Project Initiative is a not-for-profit development

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On April 12th, 2014 MPI launches “Operation Esteli, 2014”, a sponsored project to provide assistance to the Maria Auxiliadora Education Center in Esteli, Nicaragua. Operation Esteli will provide funding to support primary education and education enrichment as well as food security and nutrition of the centers children.

While Estelí enjoys relative prosperity compared to other regions in Nicaragua, poverty still reaches and impacts the population. Almost 25% of the people in Estelí live in

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MPI empowers people by providing unique, self-sustainable solutions to problems found in developing countries, and improves the quality of life of young people all over the globe. Please support us in helping others to help themselves and build brighter futures for their children.

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